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The Greek authorities do not allow the teachers from Turkey to work at the Turkish minority schools in Xanthi despite the fact that there is no such restriction in the aforementioned letters.

The Turkey-educated teachers have not been allowed to work at minority elementary schools since 2002-2003 school year either. This provision is also repeated in the Third Protocol annexed to the Treaty.

Lack of enough number of qualified teachers: Number of teachers to be assigned by Turkey and Greece to work in each other’s minority schools was mutually agreed as 35.

( Yet, this number was unilaterally reduced by Greece to 16 as of 1990-91 school year.

Some new practices in particular towards the minority constitute a step backwards.

Lack of bilingual kindergartens: Kindergartens are part of the compulsory education for the minority as of 2011-2012 school year in Greece.

Closing down and merging minority elementary schools: Under a new legislation that took effect in 2011, minority schools have either been closed down or merged with others (57 in total).

The Mufti was sentenced in January 1995 by the Larisa Court of Appeals in Greece to ten months on charges of "usurping the title of Mufti" and he was then sent to the Larisa Prison.

Through the subsequent trials on similar charges, Mehmet Emin Aga was sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment. Aga as "Prisoner of Conscience" in February 24, 1998. İbrahim Şerif, Mufti of Komotini elected in 1990 by members of the Turkish Minority, was convicted for usurping the office as he had used the title of Mufti.

The minority’s right to education in mother tongue is safeguarded by the Lausanne Peace Treaty.

However, the minority faces several problems in the field of education.

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In 1920, Greece put into effect the Law no: 2345/1920 for the implementation of the provisions of the Treaty of Athens.