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As I did so the energy in the room shifted, and I could feel my energy flow in a much easier and effortless way.

I too was reaching for topics that put me in alignment with appreciation and gratitude.

I felt that will certainly turn me downstream and I felt happy with my choice.

I will spend part of my evening relaxing and aligning my energy for tomorrow, and the rest of the week.

I was in the mood this evening to listen to my desire for a Digiorno Pizza. For dessert I wanted something that would help me be very downstream.

Today I am practicing thoughts of spending weekends at Disney World and I can feel a lift in my energy. How very inspiring you are and what a wonderful writer, your enthusiasim comes right on through.... I'm feeling you Dave you and that beautiful Soul....That when I feel good I'm feeling precious life coarsing through me. Let history note that this knew it and appreciated it even before.What is it about having billions of dollars that I like - I like to experience in manifest reality what I've felt for so long, that decadent abundance is not the exception, it is the norm.I closed my eyes, opened my heart and waved my hand. " I shared my experience and the usual doubt arose."Watch, I'll show you at the next red light." And at the next light, I waved my hand and the light changed.

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